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Automatic L-type heat shrinkable packaging machine - BS-250B


Packaging effect



BS-250B sealing and cutting machine using "servo motor" to drive sealing knife, sealing and cutting stability. Widely used in mass production of packaging water operations, high efficiency, automatic film feeding device and manually adjust the guide film system and manually adjust the feed conveyor platform for different width and height of the product.

1, BS-400LA models optional matching function, designed for packaging small product design.

2, sealing knife DuPont Teflon coating anti-sticky high temperature aluminum alloy knife, sealing will not crack, not coking, not smoke zero pollution.

3, with the import detection of photoelectric, horizontal, vertical detection of a group, easy to switch options, for thin and small packaging, can also be easily completed sealing packaging operations.

4, automatic feeding, the length can also be through the combination of electric eye and timer, automatic adjustment. Equipped with induction motor, automatic coiling waste.

5, when the packaging size changes, the adjustment is very simple, do not change the mold and the bag.

6, different sizes of products can also be used with a combination of packaging, in order to achieve promotional results.

7, using the original "Omron" digital thermostat, built-in PID function, sealing knife temperature is extremely sensitive and accurate, can be arbitrarily set. Do not have to worry about the temperature is not exactly hurt the product. The sealing knife itself is also equipped with automatic protection function, effectively prevent the wrong packaging.

8, the machine sealing and cutting, and with automatic alarm function, greatly improving the safety of the operator.

9, the whole set of real machine and the production line of unattended operation connection.


product details



Packaging effect

The main technical parameters BS-250B

Seal form

L type fully enclosed

power supply


Maximum speed

15-45Bag / min

Packing height


Packing width


Package Size

Width + height ≤ 250mm; length + height ≤330mm

Use film

POF on the film

Maximum film

380mm (width) × 280mm (outer diameter)

Total power


Platform height


Sealing system

Constant temperature heating system, easy to replace the cutter, sealing and cutting without smoke no smell

Main material

Carbon steel

Total Weight


Furnace size


Conveying speed



Chain conveyor belt, roller sleeve silicone tube


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