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PW-450B High-speed pillow block automatic packing machine

One, scope of application

This machine is suitable for: food, mop head, bulk ginger, twist, seaweed, spoons, sausage, squid, sanitary napkin, grapefruit, paper cup, gloves, yam, warm baby, infusion bags and other packaging.

Second, the main performance and structure characteristics

1. Compact structure, stable performance, simple operation.

2. Double frequency conversion control, bag length is set is cut, don't need to adjust empty, one pace reachs the designated position, time-saving province membrane.

3. The imported electrical appliances, touch human-machine interface, convenient parameter setting.

4. The fault self-diagnosis function, fault shows at a glance.

5. Look the Gao Gan KWH photoelectric tracking, more accurate in the position of sealing and cutting.

6. The temperature independent PID control, better suited to a variety of material coated.

7, Positioned stop function, non-stick knives, at no cost.

8. The rotation system is concise, more reliable, more convenient maintenance.

9. All control by the software implementation, convenient function adjustment and technology upgrade, never backward.

Three, technical parameters:

Made from the bag size (mm) Long 70~350mm
Wide 30~130mm
High 10~50mm
Longitudinal sealing and transverse sealing seal strength squared (n/mm) >15N/mm²
Packing speed (bags/min) 30~160Bags/min
Packaging film (mm)


The power supply specifications 220V 50/60Hz 3KVA
The weight (kg) 800kg
Overall dimensions (length x width x height) 4400×830×1700mm

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