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DDLZ-520/420/320 Multifunctional automatic stretch vacuum packaging machine

One,vacuum packaging machine overview, automatic drawing

The packaging machine is my factory's new high precision equipment, adopts advanced technology from foreign machine, absorb DDLZ tensile characteristics of the vacuum machine series, my company to innovative design and automated assembly line production of packaging machinery, the first domestic product, completely replace the imported equipment. This machine is suitable for all kinds of food, meat products, seafood, fruit and vegetable products such as vacuum, gas, hard plastic plastic/paper/plastic packaging.


Second, the automatic stretch vacuum packaging machine features

1. With panasonic servo motor, touch screen, PLC control system, the operation convenient adjustment.

2. Equipped with world-class original German vacuum pump, quick speed, stable quality, durable and reliable.

3. Advanced transverse, longitudinal cutting system, change the easy to operate. (cutting endless saving materials).

4. Mold chute positioning, convenient and accurate changing of the mold, and mold cooling system.

5. The photoelectric tracking, can choose the color cover film or optical film for packaging, reduce costs, improve the grade of products.

6. According to customer's product packaging requirements, on the basis of pumping air into vacuum state, can be mixed fill nitrogen or other packaging.

7. Imported chain of open type, suitable for all kinds of thickness of the soft membrane, epidural and half hard membrane stretch forming.

8. Packaging good appearance, uniform bubble mass, sealed performance is good.


Three, automatic stretch vacuum packaging machine technical specification

Model DDLZ-520 DDLZ-420 DDLZ-320
The film width 492mm 392mm 292mm
Wide film under 522mm 422mm 322mm
Vacuum ≤200Pa ≤200Pa ≤200Pa
The compressed air ≥0.6MPa ≥0.6MPa ≥0.6MPa
The cooling water ≥0.15MPa ≥0.15MPa ≥0.15MPa
The power supply 380V 50HZ 380V 50HZ 380V 50HZ
The weight 2100kg 1700kg 1300kg
Overall dimensions 6200×1400×1900mm 6200×1400×1900mm 6200×1400×1900mm

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